Nether Loirston Growers Association

Rules of the Association (February 2013)

All plot-holders should read this information sheet carefully. The intention of the Rules is that the allotments be worked and kept to a high standard.
Members of the Association are encouraged to take responsibility for the overall maintenance of the Allotment area, and to take part in any general tasks which may be required. If you are finding it difficult to maintain your plot, please consult with the Committee so that a solution to the problem can be found.

Plot and Allotments maintenance

  • Plot-holders must maintain their plots and cultivate them fully.
  • Paths must be kept clear and weed-free. Plot-holders are responsible for their paths between plots, and half of that portion of the main path which adjoins their plot.
  • Plots must be clearly numbered and plot holders are responsible for the number’s maintenance.
  • If a plot-holder is absent for a significant part of the growing season he/she must arrange for someone to look after the plot during the period of absence.
  • If a plot-holder has problems in arranging cover, he/she should contact a member of the Committee as soon as possible.
  • Each plot-holder should ensure all compostable waste is recycled within their own plot and other noncompostable waste is disposed of responsibly off site.
  • Plotholders are expected to minimise the risk of introducing noxious weeds or disease to the site. If you have concerns please contact the Chairperson or Secretary as soon as possible.
  • Plot-holders who use manure are all responsible for the tidy maintenance of their manure heap.
  • Plot-holders must ensure that plastic/paper/metal/glass//wood waste etc. does not accumulate on their plots. Rubbish should be removed, not left in common areas,or along the fences.
  • No bonfires are permitted on the site.
  • All the members are expected to help with the maintenance of common areas.
  • Permission required – trees, bees, weed-killers, pesticides
  • Plot holders are encouraged not to use pesticides or herbicides. Those who do use chemicals must do so in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Plot-holders must also ensure that their use of chemicals does not negatively impact on other plots and they must not be stored on the allotment site.
  • Cultivation of fruit trees/trees is permitted only with the advice and permission of the committee.
  • Sheds, greenhouses and internal fences are not permitted.
  • Plot-holders are not allowed to keep bees.

  Behaviour – pets, children, other plot-holders

  • No pets/livestock are allowed on site, with the exception of guide dogs.
  • Plot-holders who bring children to the Allotments are responsible for their safety and behaviour.
  • If any plot-holder has occasion to complain about the behaviour of any other plot-holder, the complaint should be made, in writing, to the Secretary.


The following facilities are available:

  • Communal water butts are provided for plot-holders to use. However, use of hose-pipes is not permitted.
  • A secure communal storage container is available for the storage of tools. Plot-holders should ensure their names are on their own tools, and that tools are cleaned and stowed tidily in the container.
  • Communal wheelbarrows and tools are kept for plot-holders use and must be cleaned and stored away in the communal storage container after use. Please report any problems with these to a member of the Committee.
  • Other equipment (eg power tools) may from time to time be purchased by the Association. Where the equipment is of a potentially hazardous nature, the Committee will ensure that all such equipment has a clear set of instructions for use available where the equipment is normally kept and that all such equipment has an annual safety and maintenance check. All power tools must be used in compliance with the Association’s Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessment. Protective Personal Equipment must be worn in line with Health and Safety Regulations.
  • A Noticeboard is available for all plot-holders to use.
  • Potentially hazardous equipment should not be used by a member who is alone at the plots.

Plot inspections

  • Members of the Committee will carry out Inspections regularly throughout the growing season, starting in April, to ensure plots are being cultivated to the required standard.


Miscellaneous – vehicles and sale of crops

  • Allotments are provided for the personal use of plot-holders. Individual plot-holders may not sell their produce for personal commercial gain.
  • Responsible vehicle use and parking is important to the success of the site, therefore Vehicles/cars should be parked in the car park with the exception of short periods for loading/unloading when absolutely necessary. Disabled spaces are available for disabled use.

  Termination of Lease/Expulsion of Association Members

  1. All members should be aware that when they sign their “Missive” each year, they are signing a Legal Document and are required to keep to the Rules of the Association.
  2. The Committee has the power to Terminate a Lease after due process on grounds of inadequate plot maintenance, at any time. If a plot falls below the required standard of maintenance:
  • an initial formal warning in writing will be sent to the plot-holder by the Secretary of the Association giving 21 days in which to rectify matters.
  • if there is still no improvement, a FINAL WARNING giving a further 7 days will be issued.
  1. Following the expiry of this time, the plotholder will be notified to vacate their plot within 7 days. 
  2. A lease will automatically be terminated for non-payment of Rent and/or Association Fees, by the due date.
  3. If any serious complaint/s is/are made against a plot-holder and the Committee, after investigating the complaint/s, is satisfied of its/their validity then the Committee, by a simple majority of members, can expel the plot-holder from membership of the Association. Following the investigation, the plot-holder will be notified of the Committee’s decision within 7 days.
  4. Any member who wishes to terminate his/her membership, or who has it terminated, has the right to remove any bushes and produce growing on the plot within the 7 day period following termination.

Committee responsibilities/Changes in Rules etc.

  • It is the responsibility of the Committee to revise these Rules and Information points as required and to ensure that all plot-holders are aware of them.
  • It is the responsibility of the Committee to make all plot-holders aware of the Association’s Constitution and to organise Meetings of the Association as required, in particular the AGM.
  • The Committee undertakes to keep plot-holders well informed about the Association, in particular by means of the Noticeboard.

Nether Loirston Growers Association

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